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The success of the Chandrayaan 3 mission is a significant milestone as it not only makes India the fourth nation to successfully soft land a spacecraft on the moon but also the first to land on the south pole, which has been unexplored until now.


Hostel 6: far from election (rules) and main gate

We are almost halfway through the autumn semester but Hostel 6 still does not have a General Secretary or a Hostel Council, student representatives crucial to the proper functioning of any hostel. The current student elections of H6 are scheduled to be held on 14th September, Thursday. However, they are going to be conducted without a black box, manifestos and soapboxes. The rest of the election process (which includes the period for nomination, nomination withdrawal, the silent day, and the polling day) remains the same. Candidates had to file their nominations along with a Statement of Purpose but without a manifesto. This format has been adopted due to time constraints and delays in the formation of the council.


Drafting the National Deep Tech Startup Policy: GoI invites public comments until Sept. 15

The dreaded week of mid-semester exams is upon us, and we sincerely hope that after multiple rounds of procrastination and delays, you've finally started studying and, of course, with a little help from your AI buddy Chat-GPT, you'll prepare for the exams, all while praying that your crypto investments (if you ever invested because your blockchain-enthusiast wingie urged you to do so) don't hit absolute rock bottom!


Nandan Nilekani - visit to IIT Bombay

"I am what I am because of IIT Bombay." These were the words that echoed through the corridors of the institute as Mr. Nandan Nilekani, the distinguished co-founder and chairman of Infosys, returned to his alma mater after five decades. The momentous occasion, held on the 26th of July, was marked by a historic announcement - the Institute's main building would henceforth bear the name "Nandan Nilekani Main Building" as a tribute to his exceptional contributions.


LASE Program

Liberal Arts, Sciences and Engineering (LASE) program was introduced by the Centre for Liberal Education (CLE) at IITB last year. The program gives the students an opportunity to explore their interests during their undergraduate studies and build their own path. The following article aims to bring out information regarding the changes made in the program compared to last year. We also share answers to some common questions that students may have, to help them make an informed decision about changing their branch to the LASE program.


Gender Cell

Gender Cell is the body at IIT Bombay that puts into operation the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act of 2013. The act is designed to protect women from acts of sexual harassment in their workplace. While most students generally hear of the Gender Cell during the institute-level freshers’ orientation, there is a palpable lack of awareness regarding the Cell’s functioning among the general student populace. It is crucial for each student to have clarity on its functioning as it is the only body that legally addresses any form of harassment that occurs against a present member of the IIT-B community.


Rangavali, the first ever queer fest of IIT-B, was held on the 25th and 26th of March. Conducted by Saathi, the LGBTQ+ resource group of IIT Bombay, this marks a welcome change for students wanting an inclusive platform to express their identity and talents without fear of being judged.


Placements, internal ‘brain drain’ and academic life of undergraduates at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB)

The professors of IIT Bombay recently conducted a study to examine the factors that affect a student’s choice when they decide between a core and a non-core job. How the ‘realisation’ that they are going to opt for a non-core job creates a disconnect with academics, especially core subjects. Their paper also addresses the glorification of high packages made by foreign companies, which are often seen in headlines every year when this is really just a


Report: Darshan Solanki's Death and the Incidents Following

While we acknowledge the existence of student collectives, we would like to clarify that their statements are not subject to official fact-checking procedures and they are not recognized as official student bodies. We advise readers to exercise caution when considering claims made by external media or student collectives on any aspects of the case and its investigation, as such claims may be unverified.


The ChatGPT Effect: An Insight

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have been making waves in the education sector, and ChatGPT is no exception. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language model that can generate human-like responses to a variety of questions and prompts.


Institute Journalism Awards 2021-22

Insight is proud to announce the winners of the Institute Journalism Awards 2021-22! The Institute Journalism Awards, namely, the Institute Journalism Colour and the Institute Journalism Special Mentions seeks to recognise exemplary contributions to journalism in the institute.


Insight is here with the first physical edition of the semester - the Post Pandemic Special!

We capture the changes both in insti and its people ever since that one fateful day of March 14, 2020, acknowledging the good, the bad (and the funny, and the annoying) in the hope that we learn to appreciate our time in this institute more than ever.


India@75, ft. IIT Bombay

Engineers are often known for the art of being resourceful, minimalistic, and innovative (i.e., jugaadu). When this translates from submitting a course project at midnight to much bigger scales, we can create impact that can solve a lot of the global problems. The capacity to do so can be imparted through the study of policy. In its 75th year of independence, the most prominent policies of India today are those revolving around sustainability. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Clean energy is one such focus sector to promote sustainable development. In the 2021 global climate negotiations, India established a new commitment to reach ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas emissions (a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere by oceans or forests) in 50 years. Recognising the impact engineers can have, the United Nations General Secretary, Mr Antonio Guterres, will be addressing the students of IIT Bombay on the 19th of October, 2022, as part of the India@75 showcase. We have a closer look at how engineers and technocrats can directly mould our future through the policies they design.


First Runner Up, Beth Outstanding Dissertation Prize (BODP) 2022 - Vrunda Dave

Insight had the unique privilege to interview Vrunda Dave, a Ph.D student of Prof S Krishna from the Computer Sciences and Engineering department at IIT Bombay. Vrunda has made history by becoming the first Indian to get their thesis shortlisted for The E.W.Beth Dissertation Prize. Her thesis has been chosen as the runner up for the Beth Outstanding Dissertation Prize (BODP) 2022.


Accessibility in the Institute

IIT Bombay, like other higher education institutions in the country, is mandated by the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act of 2016 to practice affirmative action and provide a minimum of 5% of the total seats to students with disabilities. Since only individuals with a minimum of 40% of the relevant disabilities are eligible to constitute this section, the actual number of students in the institute who deal with disabilities of varying extents is probably much higher. We reached out to some of these students to get insights into the diverse challenges they face: in both their academic endeavours and social lives, as well as to determine how well the institute fulfils the duty placed upon it by the RPWD Act - making the campus accessible to all.


Canteen worker accused of secretly recording H10 resident in bathroom, taken for interrogation by Police

The canteen workers of Hostel 10 were taken for interrogation by the Mumbai police, after reports surfaced that one of them secretly recorded a video of a resident of the hostel while she was in the bathroom.

Sophie Blog


Sanya - CRISIL

Hey everyone, Sanya here, third-year student from Chemical Engineering. This is an attempt at describing my adventures during the summer (If only it were like an Enid Blyton novel).


Dhruv - TU Braunschweig

My name is Dhruv Piyush Rambhia and I am a third-year undergraduate student from the department of CSE. I am from Mumbai and my interests broadly include sports and trekking.


Prakhar - Research In Astrophysics

Hello there, this is Prakhar, a third-year undergrad in the elec dept. And just like many other elec people, my interns and interests have nothing to do with my department. So if not elec, then what? It's Cosmology and Astrophysics. I am also into stand-up comedy (huge shoutout to comedy cons). Most of the times, when I am not blabbing about cosmology, you can find me cracking jokes on academia.


Molina Dhembla - Google STEP Intern

Hey! I’m Molina Dhembla, a 3rd year UG in Computer Science Department. In summer 2022, I worked at Google India as a STEP intern (Student Training in Engineering Program) and in this blog I’ll be describing my experince from applying for the intern to working on my assigned project.


Manav Gada - LEAP

Hi! I am Manav Gada, a 3rd-year undergraduate majoring in Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Computer Science and Engineering. I utilize my spare time mostly in sports (volleyball and basketball) and binge-watching web series. Apart from an inclination towards core subjects, I have developed a slight inclination towards DSA.


Isha - SURP

I am Isha Mukherjee, a third year B.Tech student at the Department of Aerospace Engineering. This summer of 2022, was the second time for me to take part and register for Summer Undergraduate Research Program, the first time being i-SURP 2021. My experience with i-SURP 2021 was wonderful as I got an excellent guide, Professor Dhwanil Shukla, an awesome senior student working on the same project and an interesting experimental project problem statement on flow visualization. So, being a core aerospace research enthusiast, with the same motivation, I registered for SURP 2022.


Kaivaly Daga - NUS

Hello, to all the readers! I am Kaivaly Daga, a third-year mech undergrad, and this is my blog on my solo trip to Singapore, where I also ended up doing some work that I am passionate about. Some content might be repetitive for those who attended the internship session or the research charcha session, albeit I’ll try to pen down something more here (edit: it might be too long to satisfy a lot of interesting, curious questions I’ve received over the year).


Prakriti - ICICI Lombard and Lightstone Technologies

Hi everyone! I’m Prakriti Shetty, a third year student majoring in Chemical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Digital Health Informatics at the Koita Center for Digital Health. I’ve stayed in Mumbai most of my life. I love writing, reading non-fiction, listening to music( my roommate is dead tired of Stitches ~(Shawn Mendes) blaring out of my laptop) and since pretty recently, astronomy as well, so yeah I’m someone who has weirdly varied interests. Oh and coding of course.

Annie D’souza

Annie D’souza -

Hey! I’m Annie D’souza, a third year undergraduate pursuing a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I’m into athletics and dance and also love reading and watching movies. I’m deeply passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning and have been intrigued by this field ever since I was first introduced to it.

Annie D’souza

Sunandinee Mehra - KPMG

Hey, I’m Sunandinee Mehra, a 3rd-year undergraduate from the civil department. This summer, I concluded my internship at KPMG and this blog is all about my experience leading up to, and during the internship.

Annie D’souza

Omkar-Florintree Advisors

Hi! I am Omkar Chavan, a thirdie pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Management. I am a national-level speedcuber (ranked 5th best in the country) and often travel to competitions nationwide (hopefully abroad soon). Apart from that, I am a huge cinephile (I sleep in movies I don’t like), a bookworm (on good days) and a foodie. I am interested in the field of Finance (and its many, many subparts)

Summer Blog


Jai Jobanputra - Atomberg

So before I begin, I’ll give a short disclaimer. I am a terrible storyteller(and I use a lot of brackets), and it might not seem so while reading the article, but I thoroughly enjoyed my internship, the work I did, and all the small adventures we had(me and my co-interns). Oh, and my internship prep was not the best.


Malavika - Indiana University

Namaste people. I am Malavika, a to-be final year student (🥲) in the Physics Department. I am currently doing a research internship with Prof. Srinivasan Iyengar at Indiana University. In order for you to understand why and how I ended up here, there are a few things that you, dear reader, should know about me.


Oshin - TATA Steel

Hello there! I’m Oshin, a 4th-year undergraduate pursuing Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering. I’m from the very beautiful city of Chandigarh. I’m inclined towards many many fields that can make for an entire blog. But let’s not depart, my main interest lies in learning finance, mainly using the algorithmic part, understanding economics, core metallurgy and just a little amount of theoretical physics.


Soham Purohit - University of Toronto

Hello everyone, I am Soham Purohit, a final year undergraduate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and an Editorial Board Member of Insight. I did my research internship at the Microrobotics Laboratory at the University of Toronto under the guidance of Prof. Eric Diller through the MITACS program. You can expect this blog to be littered with random Toronto skyline images to stay true to its travel blog genre.


Aadish Jain - Quadeye

I am Aadish Jain, a 4th-year student in the CSE department, and I completed my internship at Quadeye under the profile of a quantitative trader.


Dhruv Arora - Optiver

Howdy fellas! I am Dhruv, a final year undergrad in the department of CSE. I hail from Indore, the cleanest city in the country and the exact opposite is reflected in my room here at hostel 9. I listen to a lot of music - from 70s rock to 00s rap to the recent pop hits, I’ve explored a lot. I used to play some football in high school, but recent experiments suggest my goal-scoring days are over. I do enjoy table tennis and am always open to a match. I am a counter strike addict, so if I’m not answering your calls I probably am carrying my friends there (:


Jai Israni - Indiana University

Hi there. I am Jai Israni, going to the final year of Engineering Physics undergrad. I spent the summer of 2022 interning in the Chemistry Department at Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, United States. To be clear in the very start, my work was mostly computational+mathematical and barely involved “chemistry” chemistry


Amit Kumar Mallik - TU Braunschweig

Hello everyone, this is Amit Kumar Mallik, a fourth-year undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering.My primary research interests are Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Algorithms...


Shubhneet - BCG

Apologies for the delay in releasing this article; it was primarily because it took me three tries to open my laptop since my instinct is still to put in my work laptop’s password while praying the device stops working forever.


Harshda Saxena - Heidelberg University

Hi, everyone! I am Harshda Saxena, a third-year undergraduate pursuing Engineering Physics (with honours) and a minor in Mathematics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. In June-July, I interned under Prof. Matthias Bartelmann in his cosmology group at ITP at the Heidelberg University in Germany as a theoretical physics intern.


Harshit Mangwani - TransUnion CIBIL

I was born and brought up in Jaipur. Graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I worked as a software engineer at Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore for two years. Post that, I decided to switch streams and enrolled for MSc in Applied Statistics and Informatics at IIT Bombay.

Sanidhya Anand

Sanidhya Anand - Universitat Wien

Hello there, I’m an undergraduate student in the Energy Science and Engineering Department - yes, a DD student writing about his intern, so you have an idea of what to expect. By the time you read this,...

Tejas Bhalla

Tejas Bhalla - Optiver

I’m Tejas Bhalla, a to-be-fourthie in the Electrical Engineering Department, and I interned at Optiver in the quantitative trading profile.


Muskaan Chandra - World Wide Technology

Hii everyone welcome to my oversharing blog, I'm gonna be taking you through my experience as a Data Science Consulting Intern at World Wide Technology and the process that led up to it. Before beginning to read just remember: If brevity is the soul of wit, I am not witty. (tldr nahi milega)

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Thomas Jacob - AWL inc

Hey, I’m Thomas Jacob, a fourth year undergraduate in the Department of Electrical Engineering. I interned at AWL Inc., Hokkaido, Japan over the summer in an online mode. I come from a town called Bhilai, which you might have heard of because of the Steel Plant if you paid attention in ....


Bhuvan Aggarwal - Daikin

Hey everyone! I am Bhuvan Aggarwal, a 4th-year student in the Civil Engineering Department. I am from Chandigarh and completed my summer internship at Daikin, Japan in the analytics profile.

Pranjal Gupta

Pranjal Gupta - Deutsche Bank

Hi there! I am Pranjal Gupta, a to-be-fourthie in the Aerospace Engineering department, and this is my internship journey. I just finished my summer internship at Deutsche Bank’s Investment Banking division. Before I talk more about my intern experience, let me first walk you through how I bagged this intern and some things you can keep in mind if the intern season is already stressing you out.

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Achintya Kunj Goyal -NRI

Hello, I am Achintya, a to-be-fourthie in the Chemical Engineering department interning at NRI in the Automotive Industry Consulting Group (AICG). Also one of the current Chief Editors of Insight and I definitely had an option whether or not to write this blog (:D)...

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Ananya Shankar Singh - PwC US Advisory

Hello there, I’m Ananya Shankar Singh, a 4th year undergraduate pursuing Civil Engineering (wow, that rhymes). My summer internship was at PwC, under a management consulting profile. I like reading, writing, swimming, doomscrolling on social media and listening to the same song on repeat 467 times (this is a cry for help). However, my favourite thing is talking about myself which I’m now going to gleefully indulge in. Let’s take it from the top -

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Amol Goel -Bain & Co

Hey folks! I’m Amol Goel, a final year undergraduate student at IIT Bombay, majoring in Economics(BS Economics). I’m from Faridabad, Delhi NCR. Academically, I’m inclined towards research in Game Theory and its applications in different microeconomic/macroeconomic problems (for instance, game-theoretical simulation model....

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Sharvaree Sinkar - Wells Fargo

Hello Everyone! I am Sharvaree Sinkar, a to be fourthie in Electrical Engineering Dual Degree (CSP) Department. Currently, I am doing an offline internship as a financial analyst at Wells Fargo, an American Multinational Financial Services company, and also an investment bank. This blog is all about my experience of the internship journey.

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Kunind Sahu - AmEx

Hey everyone! I am Kunind Sahu, a BTech thirdie (to-be-fourthie) in the MEMS department. I’m super enthused by applied ML - especially Graph Machine Learning. I also love to play video games and watch thriller/horro....

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Unnatee Pawar - Unacademy

Hola! I am Unnatee Pawar, a third-year student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. I am from Nashik. I am writing about my little journey about how I got my internship. If you feel confused about where to apply and where you would land up… Don’t worry! Most of us go through the same

Building microservices with Dropwizard, MongoDB & Docker

Anish Satpati - Siemens

Hi junta!! This is a short post about my internship experience at Siemens. I am a 4th year undergrad at MEMS department and I interned at Siemens from a work from home setup in the summer of ’22. At the end of....

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